¿Have you felt ecstasy just by breathing? Something like feeling an orgasm?

It’s possible?

We have no idea of ​​breathing … if you read correctly, no idea. So much evolution, so much technological progress and we don’t know how to do something so basic and vital in conditions, nor do we know how to eat correctly, although this is another story …

In some workshops I gave several years ago about being overweight, addressing our relationship with food and other emotional issues, I sometimes asked which food was one of the most important. After the Sun and long before the solid food itself, it was the air, because without it we would live only 5 minutes at most, something that without eating we can do it for more than 1 month depending on the state of the person. And we don’t know how to breathe properly …

Long and deep breathing that calms, short and shallow breathing that agonizes. Observe how the elderly person who is near death breathes, the air barely passes through his throat … and instead, observes a newborn child, as his belly swells when he breathes.

Breathing from the belly revitalizes, nourishes and strengthens the entire body system, shallow breathing kills us and does not allow vital energy to penetrate us and embrace us with its warmth and harmony.

How a good breath could affect our life, that angel of the air that allowing it to reach every cell of our body, sweeps with all scum so that the vital energy flows; health is revitalized, an improvement of the central nervous system, cells that are oxygenated and filled with nutrients … Taoists said that deep breathing is in the same essence of perfect health.

And once we learn to breathe properly until we reach the point that becomes natural, the great witness appears, the awareness that we are awake, and a new world appears before us. Now we go to the sexual plane …

A correct breath calms us and allows us to observe ourselves. A calm breath brings us to the present, making the sexual experience something sacred, something fresh at every moment where a bristling of skin penetrates as deep as endless genital frictions. In the presence of your breath, your sexual partner becomes one with you, there are no borders, there is no space between them … With a good breath your energy does not stagnate in the genital area, but expands through every cell of your body, feeling ecstasy on your skin, ecstasy in your heart, ecstasy in your head, ecstasy on your toes … doors of ecstasy to a new panorama.

It’s simple, so much so that it will seem complicated. Just be with your breath, and every time you inhale, visualize that the air reaches the lower part of your belly and watch it swell. If you don’t do it, blow it up on purpose while you remember this phrase … “fake it until you make it” – “pretend it until it becomes real”. The brain connections will begin to change and each time the air travels deeper, until one day after practicing and practicing, you will automatically be breathing like a newborn, pure-life baby, oxygenating every cell in your body. This will not only bring you benefits and a new aspect in the sexual, where you can experience more pleasant, lasting and conscious orgasms … but it will improve your life in general and situations that were previously stressful and with fear dye will fade away.

It is curious that as we grow older and our disconnection goes hand in hand with the forgetfulness of breathing … Remembering our natural breathing, reconnecting us, plugging us into life and our sexual energy, which will expand as you would have never imagined.

As the song El Abismo by Alonso del Río says …

Suddenly backed away

He looked at me full of love

That lord of the great abyss

Just one sentence and left

You are just your breath

In peace I give, in peace I receive


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