Tantra session – erotic massage

Massage is one of the most beautiful forms of communication between lovers. It relaxes and sensitizes blessing and purification. It is a static dance that brings people closer to their original divine form. It is a ritual of body worship that allows us to feel the most sublime joy of everyone feel the love.

Tantra invites us to realize how conditioned we are by the social and religious beliefs that make it difficult for us to live a full and satisfying sexuality, which makes it difficult for us to live in general and invites us to know more intimately that being that lives in us and in the other, to that divine essence that crosses our body but that, in many occasions, we completely ignore.

All this makes tantra and tantric massage a deeply healing experience.

Throughout these 7 years, doing massages as a tantric therapist and teacher of erotic massages. I have realized that it is a process of continuous learning, expansion, growth, exploration, understanding and connection.

It’s about the body, it’s about the mind, it’s about the heart, it’s about energy, it’s about sexuality, it’s about sensuality, it’s about eroticism, it’s about intimacy and more.

In the next part I will talk about tamera fememino massage and then I will talk about male tantra massage I will also be talking about tantric sex, Taoist sex, and much more do not miss the following videos.

A tantric hug, of those that flood every body cell with a lot of love.

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