Types of female orgasms

Orgasm comes from the Greek «orgh»: to desire ardently. It is the culmination of sexual pleasure, which comes suddenly, after a phase of excitement, and lasts for a few seconds. Much is said about how to excite a woman and get her to this point, but they are only limited to clitoral stimulation or finding the famous “G-spot.”

According to experts there are 10 types of female orgasms and this means that a woman’s entire body is a world of possibilities to reach that long-awaited moment.

G spot orgasm

It is neither mystery nor taboo, nor debated by science, nor an urban legend: the G-spot exists in men and women and produces vehement orgasms. In fact, in them it is not a specific point, but an entire erectile zone twenty to 30 millimeters in diameter inside the vagina, under the pubic bone. When manipulated, this area becomes very sensitive, increasing its size and feeling rough to the touch. This orgasm is achieved with circular movements and constant friction; The upside down positions are effective to achieve it.

Orgasm of point A

In the depths between the vulva and the womb, before reaching the uterine cervix, there is an annular groove called a vaginal fornix formed of four parts: one posterior, two lateral and the anterior. The latter is called a point A. It is a very deep area that, upon reaching the climax, remains receptive and does not over-sensitize. In this way, it allows to continue being stimulated after an orgasm, leaving a new one.

Multiple orgasm

Women are more easily than men to regroup after intercourse. The secret of multiorgasm is to relax the body and, at the same time, mentally not to end the act, to continue feeling pleasure in the erogenous zones. Persistence is the secret.

Cervical orgasm

A challenge for true stallions, this culmination is obtained by finding the posterior fornix, one of the most hidden areas of pleasure in women. To discover this site a deep penetration is required and instead of repeated stimulation it is recommended to exert pressure on this part. Many females have described it as similar to what they get with anal sex, which gives rise to the next step.

Anal orgasm

Despite what you might think, it is possible for a woman to climax through this controversial cavity. However, to achieve this you must take many precautions. Cleaning, the use of condoms and a lot of lubricant are the essential factors to minimize pain and transmission of infections. By penetrating the anus you can stimulate a couple of essential points that we have already talked about, such as the G and the cervical. Combining it with the simultaneous contact of the clitoris, the sensation is very intense and pleasant.

U point orgasm

Unlike the penis, which concentrates the exit of the seminal and urethral ducts, the vagina has each of its openings separated. Several erectile tissues of high sensitivity are located around the female urethra, causing a powerful erogenous response. The handling and acting is similar to that of the clitoris: repeated and intermittent caresses until a possible orgasm is obtained.

Breast orgasm

The nipples are connected to the genital nervous system of women, achieving a high-speed highway to the clitoris.

“The woman has the ability to have multiple orgasms so the man has to be as slow as possible. Your orgasm should come at the end, when the woman’s orgasm has reached its peak. It is a simple matter of understanding. ” Osho (Indian mystic)

Tag orgasm

More than a classification, this is a rule that every gentleman must follow. Just as we give them our way or open a door for them, in a sexual relationship, men have to wait for them to finish first. Not only is it a gesture of courtesy, but it is a fundamental performance to have full and lasting meetings.

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